May 2nd - 19th. Thu - Sat @ 7.30pm. Sundays @ 5pm

This is a truly Australian take on a universal theme. It deals head-on with a topic we spend most of our lives managing to avoid thinking about, let alone dealing with, death.

Then along comes Grace.

Now in her eighties, she's ready to leave. And says so in no uncertain terms. She is both serious and seriously funny with a bone-dry sense of humour and a solid grip on her own reality. Her daughter, Dorothy, is appalled. Her granddaughter Suzie is interested in discussing how. And how not to end up like Nan.

This play deals with the complex reality of how ordinary people deal with the collision between the strongest primal urge we have, the survival instinct, and a deep longing for rest.

Do we have the right to decide? Or do others, family, doctors get to decide for us?

This play pulls no punches but facing the Grim Reaper has never been so funny. Don't miss it!

*Content warning: The performance contains references to suicide and drug use, descriptions of self-harm, coarse language and sexual references.