May 30-31 & June 1-2, 6-9

It is the very eve of Meg's wedding. Her mother is fussing over every little detail and her best friends are doing little to help. Her wedding is the gala event that Meg has dreamed of since she was a little girl and one that has taken far too long to come true. But, anything that can go wrong does until finally the veil is lifted on an unhappy secret and Meg's dream is rocked by a revelation she doesn't want to be true.

In this very funny play, Elizabeth Coleman asks serious questions about friendship, fidelity and tough life decisions. She gives us touching moments of female friendship, reveals some of the things women discuss when men aren't around and will make you wonder if all the fuss of a wedding is going just a bit too far.

Director Mike Russo has chosen this hugely successful Australian play to feature his acting workshop students. Mike is delighted with the array of talent and dedication amongst his students and promises an enjoyable night at the theatre.